Summer parking

Oberhof and the holiday region offer numerous parking facilities for guests and athletes in summer. In addition to paid parking spaces, there are also free parking spaces available for use. On the next pages you will find information about the parking facilities.

Parkplatzangebote rund um Oberhof ©, Artinun

Free parking in Oberhof

In the centre of Oberhof you can park free of charge in approx. 2,000 parking spaces. Use the bus with bus line 423 to our hiking area. (With the Oberhof Card you travel free of charge, more information can be found here).

  • Car park Im Gründle
  • Car park Am Kurpark
  • approx. 2,000 parking spaces in total

Chargeable parking in Oberhof

Car park Grenzadler
approx. 400 parking spaces 
Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
per 30 minutes of parking time or part thereof € 1.00
Day ticket € 8.00Month ticket € 40.00
Annual ticket € 300.00 (parking machine) 
directly at the Rennsteig and the LOTTO Thüringen ARENA am Rennsteig as well as the international winter sports facilities
2 km from Oberhof in the direction of Oberschönau

Tambacher Straße car park to the Grenzadler
approx. 400 parking spaces
Mondays to Sundays from 08:00 to 22:00 
per 60 minutes or part thereof € 1.50
Day ticket € 6 (parking machine or handyparking)
directly at the LOTTO Skisport-HALLE Oberhof
near the racecourse, near the winter sports facilities from Oberhof to the LOTTO Skisport-HALLE Oberhof

Car park at Rondell
approx. 200 parking spaces 
up to a maximum parking time of 300 minutes Parking time 3.50 €
directly at the Rennsteig on the L 3247 between Zella-Mehlis and Oberhof at the turn-off to "Schmücke" to Gehlberg.

In the holiday region

Where to park during your excursions:

Free parking in the Oberhof holiday region

Zella-Mehlis | Ruppberg car park
approx. 60 parking spaces free of charge approx. 4 km to Rennsteig Connection of the hiking areas Haselgrund, Zella-Mehlis and Oberhof on the K 2591 between Zella-Mehlis and Oberschönau

Zella-Mehlis | Lubenbachtal 
Hikers' Park 
approx. 40 parking spaces free of charge
Time limit: 6 hours 
directly on the A 71 motorway/ Zella-Mehlis/Oberhof 
exit near the Heinrich-Erhardt-Strasse bus stop with information terminal of the "Thuringian Forest Nature Park".

Zella-Mehlis | Parking spaces in the village 
approx. 240 parking spaces
free of charge
Am Freibad Einsiedel
Sportplatz Alte Straße Marcel-Callo-Platz
Sparkasse / Louis-Anschütz-Str. | Insel | Sternbergstraße | Town Hall

Steinbach-Hallenberg | Hikers' car park 
approx. 400 parking spaces
free of charge
Access to the hiking area of the Oberhof holiday region

Steinbach-Hallenberg | Am Köpfchen car park
approx. 50 parking spaces | free of charge | at the Köpfchen sports field | direction Rotterode

Steinbach-Hallenberg | Ruppberg car park 
approx. 60 parking spaces | free of charge | on the road Oberschönau towards Zella-Mehlis

Steinbach-Hallenberg | Car parks in the village
Festplatz Am Heimathof Museum / Tourist-Info Hiking car park
Local recreation area | Am Schwimmbadca. 200 parking spaces free of charge

Crawinkel | Car park in the village | Car park An der Steigerwiese
ca. 80 parking spaces free of charge

Luisenthal | Car park at the Waldhotel Berghof
ca. 100 parking spaces | free of charge

Frankenhain | Car park Am Biathlonzentrum
approx. 70 parking spacesfree of chargeSki roller track up to 1250 m long via B 88to Frankenhain, Waldstraße junction

Frankenhain | car park An der Talsperre

Gehlberg | car park Güldene Brücke
ca. 10 free parking spaces between Oberhof and Gehlberg Connection to the Schneekopf hiking area

Gehlberg | Car park in the village
Am Glasmuseum | Am Ritter | Ortsmitteca. 50 free parking spaces

Goldlauter-Heidersbach | Parking in the village area
Pfannrain / Suhler Straße | Suhler Straße / Fuhrmannstraße | PochwerksgrundGeiersberg II | Stockmar-Platz | Bocksbergstraße | Am Waldschwimmbadca. 150 parking spaces free of charge

Oberschönau | Kohlenbach / Kanzlersgrund
approx. 40 parking spacesfree of chargenear the Rennsteig between Oberschönau and Oberhof on the L 1128 not far from the ski jumps in the "Kanzlersgrund" | Hiking trails with connection to the Rennsteig

Oberschönau | Parking spaces in the village
Am Schwimmbad | An der Gemeinde | An der Ski- & Wanderhütteca. 74 parking spaces free of charge

Paid parking in the Oberhof holiday region

Luisenthal | car park An der Ohratalsperre 
approx. 50 parking spaces chargeable: car € 0,20 up to 30 minutes; € 0,50 up to1 hour; € 1,20 from 2 to 4 hours; € 2,50 from 4 hoursBus € 3 to 4 hours; € 5 from 4 hoursCaravans € 2 to 4 hours; € 4 from 4 hours

Gehlberg | Am Schneekopf car park 
approx. 90 parking spaces Day ticket € 3 Fee is charged from 09:00 to 15:30, depending on weather conditionson the Rennsteig between Oberhof and Gehlberg in the direction of "Schmücke

Oberhof | car park Sommerwiese
ca. 100 free parking spaces in summer directly on the Rennsteig between Oberhof and Gehlberg in the direction of "Schmücke".

Gehlberg | Schmücke car park2 parking spaces
approx. 90 parking spaces Day ticket € 2directly on the Rennsteig between Oberhof, Gehlberg and Schmiedefeld

Zella-Mehlis | car park Suhler Ausspanne / Sommerbachskopf / Beerberg
ca. 60 parking spaces free of charge in summernear the Rennsteig between Oberhof and Gehlberg | in the direction of "Schmücke