Altmarkt in Schmalkalden

Plus for the budget

Bonus for unforgettable holidays

You will receive a guest card for your holiday in Oberhof, which is constantly being further developed by the tourism community, the Oberhof guest advisory board and Oberhof's businesses.


The idea of the Oberhof Card

Since 2011, we have been issuing this comprehensive guest card to Oberhof guests automatically, using the electronic registration form. At that time it was still called the "Oberhof All Inclusive Card", but in recent months it has been further developed and renamed the Oberhof Card. The offers have been extended and supplemented with benefits. 

As a guest here in Oberhof, you can use many of the services free of charge, and other benefits supplement the offer. This holiday bonus is designed to make your holidays in the Oberhof holiday region and throughout Thuringia a unique experience. Thuringia offers an incredible number of facets within a small radius. With our Oberhof Card we would like to introduce you to Thuringia and at the same time make your holiday varied. It is very important to us that the additional costs do not become too much for you during your holiday.

Oberhof Guest Card, in cooperation with the Thuringian Forest Card

Your guest card: how it works

You will receive your personal Oberhof Card free of charge upon arrival at your accommodation in Oberhof. This is done automatically when you sign your electronic registration form at check-in. Your Oberhof Card contains a barcode and your travel details for each guest. This means that each family member receives their own Oberhof Card. Please carry your Oberhof Card and photo ID with you at all times so that you can make use of the services. Please understand that you can no longer use an expired Card. 

From the day of your arrival until the day of your departure from Oberhof you can use the offers of the guest card. The date printed on the card is decisive. This means that you can still use the offers of the card on the day of arrival and departure.

With some service providers, the Oberhof Card is scanned so that you can make use of the service. For technical reasons, this service is not yet possible with all service providers, so in these cases the card is then checked either by identification or simply by showing it. Please make sure that each person carries their own card with their name on it. NO personal data will be transmitted, only a participation will be recorded, the card will then be marked as completed at this service provider and a validity by date will be requested.

Holiday bonus at a glance

Your host will give you a comprehensive brochure, the Oberhof Card experience guide. In the experience guide you will find all the services and benefits that can be used with the guest card, including all the necessary contact information. The experience guide is specially designed in a practical format so that it can comfortably accompany you throughout your entire holiday.

With the Oberhof daily post, we provide all dates and tips from the region on a daily basis. You can also download our daily post here or view it online.

Thuringian Forest Card inclusive

On the back of the Oberhof Card you will find the Thuringian Forest Card, which is also valid for the duration of your stay. With this additional guest card of the Thuringian Forest Nature Park, you can enjoy up to 300 additional benefits in the Thuringian Forest. You will find experiences from Eisenach to the Vessertal Biosphere Reserve, in Thuringia's holiday metropolises and gems in unspoilt nature. You can purchase a comprehensive guide to the Thuringian Forest Card at the Oberhof information desk for a small fee.

You can use the Thuringian Forest Card free of charge during your holiday in Oberhof and enjoy the benefits. The validity period is the same as for the Oberhof Card.

What does the Guest Card Oberhof cost?

There are NO extra costs for your Oberhof Card with the integrated Thuringian Forest Card. By paying the local visitor's tax, all costs for your guest card are covered. This means that you can immediately enjoy all the free services for your holiday bonus, as well as lots of discounts and special offers in Thuringia.