Ronny "Acker" Ackermann

Born: 16.05.1977


Ronny Ackermann


Career end at the beginning of 2011, 
coach in the World Cup team since April 2011.

Greatest successes

2001 World Championship bronze individual, Lahti
2002 Olympic silver sprint, Salt Lake City

2002 Olympic silver team, Salt Lake City

2003 World Championship Gold Individual, Val di Fiemme

2003 World Championship Silver Sprint, Val di Fiemme

2003 World Championship Silver Team, Val di Fiemme

2005 World Championship Gold Individual,, Oberstdorf

2005 World Championship Gold Sprint, Oberstdorf

2005 World Championship Silver Team, Oberstdorf

2006 Olympic silver medal team, Turin

2007 World Championship Gold Individual, Sapporo

2007 World Championship Silver Team, Sapporo

2009 World Cup silver team, Liberec


... is the most important thing and gives me strength on my journeys.

Your Oberhof

Super infrastructure for winter sports and pure nature.


What was your sporting career like?

Sporting successes:

4x World Championship gold

5x World Championship silver

1x World Championship bronze

3x Olympic silver

3x overall World Cup

2x Sprint World Cup

Sportsman of the year 2005


Avenue of Olympic & World Champions

in Oberhof 

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