Interesting facts about cross-country ski trails

What you should know about cross-country skiing!


Time and again we and our partners or in the local tourist information offices receive tips on cross-country ski trail tracking or the condition of the trails.

Cross-country skiing is a very complex matter, especially in low mountain ranges such as the Thuringian Forest. Therefore, there are many things to pay attention to.

Mutual acceptance

In addition to classic cross-country skiers, there are also pedestrians, skaters and families with small children and sleds who want to take advantage of the wonderful winter landscape. All groups have different expectations of a prepared winter trail. Mutual acceptance of the visitor groups is imperative.

Motivated staff

The staff responsible for the cross-country trails in Oberhof and the Thuringian Forest should, if possible, have the trails ready before the tourist influx, i.e. around 9:30 am. With an average travel time - in our local area of Oberhof alone - of approx. 4 to 6 hours per trail report, this means that the trail groomers start between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., regardless of weekends or public holidays. Depending on the weather conditions, the trackers also start grooming the trails in the late evening hours or at night.

Winterwunderland in Oberhof © Henry Czauderna

Complicated weather conditions

At the beginning of the tour, the skiers have to decide on a direction of travel. Due to changes in the weather conditions, it can happen that the tracks groomed at the beginning of the tour are blown away by powder snow or can no longer be seen well or not at all due to the onset of snowfall.

When the thaw sets in or the snow depth is too low, tracking can do more harm than good. The snow can thaw even faster or stones can be brought into the track or pushed up by the tiller. This can make an entire trail area unusable.

If trails ice up, snow conditions are too low or other adverse weather conditions prevail, it is unfortunately not possible to create the best cross-country skiing conditions. Here, the personal responsibility of each individual skier is called for!

We therefore ask for your understanding if the trails do not meet your expectations. Many motivated cross-country skiing enthusiasts do their best to provide you with perfectly groomed trails as often and quickly as possible, which you can use free of charge.


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