Weltmeisterschaften im Rennrodeln und Biathlon , 2023 in Oberhof


Luge World Championship 2023

World Champions & Olympic Champions in Oberhof. Who will win the medals this time? The Luge World Championships will take place from 23 to 29 January 2023 in the LOTTO-Thüringen Ice Arena.

Oberhofer Maskottchen Schneemann Flocke

Save Tickets

Since October 2021, you can already secure your tickets for the World Cup. You can choose between season tickets, weekly passes or day tickets. Combination tickets in connection with the World Luge Championships taking place at the same time can also be purchased.


The World Cup course

LOTTO Thuringia Ice Arena

All information about the World Cup route


Quality Hosts

The Oberhof hosts are looking forward to welcoming you during the World Championships. After exciting days on the competition course, enjoy relaxing evenings in one of our excellent accommodations.


The Oberhof Highlights

Apart from the exciting competitions on the course, there is also a lot to discover off the track in Oberhof. 



You can find the latest press reports on the World Championship here.

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