Bus timetables

Use public transportation within Oberhof for free with the city-line 423, using our guest card


With the bus-line 422 between Oberhof and Zella Mehlis you can travel between the train station Zella Mehlis and the main bus station Oberhof.

public transportation options within the region

please inform yourself about the latest timetables for bus transportations within the region diretcly through the website of each trasport operation. 


The latest timetable for bus-line 860 between Gotha - Oberhof:


MBB Meininger Busbetriebs GmbH

The latest timetable for busses in and around Meinungen you can find here!


Latest timetables for Linie Nord-Süd: Gotha – Oberhof – Suhl as well as

Linie Ost-West: Suhl – Ilmenau / Oberhof – Frauenwald – Schmiedefeld / Gehlberg - Schmücke you'll find under: www.rennsteigbus.de

bus & train options in Thuringia

Further information about bus and train options within Thuringia you can find under:  www.bus-bahn-thueringen.de.