Schneeschuhwanderung mit Fackeln durch den Thüringer Wald, Oberhof Hero Image Decoration

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Experience Oberhof. Top performance for your success. Oberhof has been the centre of winter sports in Thuringia for over 100 years. Today, the small town on the Rennsteig is considered a hotbed of excellence in seven Olympic winter sports disciplines. Due to the unique density of sports facilities, athletes from all continents find excellent training conditions. They achieve top performances in their disciplines.


Achieve peak performance!

Isn't that what you want to achieve for your company, together with your employees? Enthusiasm and identification with the company are the keys to success and the goal of every training course, the next company seminar, a company outing or the Christmas party. Loyalty and enthusiasm arise when expectations are exceeded.

Information & bookingsWe offer you extraordinary incentives, also in the B2B sector, to inspire your customers and business partners. Showcase your portfolio perfectly at a PR event in the LOTTO-Thüringen SKISPORT HALLE, at -4 degrees and 365 days of snow a year. Invite guests to a champagne reception with a view at the ski jumps or after an unforgettable guest ride on the Oberhof luge and bobsleigh track.

In any case, Oberhof offers unique and also exclusive possibilities and that in the middle of Germany!


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