Jochen "Pietzscher" Pietzsch

Born: 01.12.1963


Jochen Pietzsch


 The end of my sporting career was in the winter of 1991/92 in the singles, as my doubles partner of many years, Jörg Hoffmann, was unable to take part in our third Olympic Games due to injury. For a good two decades now, I have been working as a sports teacher, contributing my experience of our varied training and trying in my own way to motivate young people to exercise in sports lessons. 

Greatest successes

1982 JWM-Gold, Lake Placid
1983 World Championship Gold, Lake Placid

1984 Olympic bronze, Sarajevo

1985 World Championship Gold, Oberhof

1986 European Championship silver, Hammarstrand

1987 World Championship Gold, Innsbruck-Igls

1988 Olympic gold, Calgary

1989 World Championship bronze, Winterberg

1990 European Championship Gold, Innsbruck-Igls

1990 European Championship Gold Team, Innsbruck

1990 World Championship Gold Team, Calgary

1990 World Championship bronze, Calgary

several world cup victories
5-fold GDR champion
all in the double seater together with Jörg Hoffmann


Married to Kerstin Pietzsch (née Moring) former GDR cross-country skier (7th place at the 1988 Olympics and twice World Championship third in 1991 in the biathlon). One daughter named Anne, athletically all-round talented and currently a student.


If something doesn't work out in the end, it's far from the end.

Your Oberhof

What I like most is the clean air, which cured me of a chronic illness here as a toddler, the beautiful nature and the wide range of offers that Oberhof has in store for all clientele.

Thanks to:
 Uli Frielinghaus, Georg Münchmeyer, Reinhardt Witter, Gottfried Legler, Bernd Jäger, Norbert Hahn


What was your sporting career like?

As a young person with a wide range of sporting interests, I played tennis, table tennis and football in my younger years and cycled all the way. 

Originally, I was supposed to go to Erfurt as a sprinter in athletics at the sports school. Things turned out differently. 

Kurt Eichhorn, my so-called discoverer (unfortunately no longer alive), introduced me as a latecomer (at the age of 15!) to the ASK Oberhof luge department, where I was tested and immediately accepted. They said: "You're fit, we'll teach you how to luge.

1979 - 1982 KJS Oberhof

1983 - 1990 ASK Oberhof

1984 - 1995 Distance learning at the DHfK Leipzig (Erfurt), graduated from UNI Leipzig (sports teacher diploma)

1990 -1994 Sports soldier, BW sports support group


Who are your role models?

All the people who got up again after strokes of fate in their health and continued to fight. Only those who give up and lose heart are defeated. 

What was the most emotional moment of your sporting career?

Winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. That was the greatest thing in sport.

What was the biggest sporting disappointment for you?

There were no real disappointments because we had good coaches who helped us out of every valley. Sometimes a defeat/disappointment in sport was the spark to improve things and work on ourselves. THANK YOU to the coaching team of the 80s!

What are your goals for the future?

I want to stay healthy and continue to have satisfaction in my school work.

... because this dream place has an almost perfect infrastructure for its size and I like to shovel snow in winter.
Jochen Pietzsch likes Oberhof

Avenue of Olympic & World Champions

in Oberhof 

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