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Thuringian Forest

In the south of Thuringia, on the border with the Free State of Bavaria, is the Thuringian Forest, one of the most popular destinations in central Germany. The wonderful nature of the low mountain range with its extensive mixed forests and the good climatic conditions, especially for winter sports enthusiasts, make the regions of the Thuringian Forest a unique holiday destination.


Probably Germany's most famous hiking trail

The Rennsteig is not only the ridge trail of the Thuringian Forest, but also probably Germany's most famous hiking trail. With a length of 170 kilometres, it takes hikers and nature lovers from the Werra in Hörschel near Eisenach to the other side of Thuringia at the Saale near Blankenstein. Those who dare to walk the full length should take a stone from the Werra and throw it into the riverbed of the Saale. Only then is the complete Rennsteig hike traditionally completed.

The winter sports paradise of the Thuringian Forest

But not only hiking enthusiasts are welcome. After all, the Thuringian Forest is also a great pleasure in the winter season. Cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering, biathlon, snowboarding, tobogganing, snow tubing, guest bobsleighing, snowshoeing... The Thuringian Forest is enlivened by snow and promises lots of fun in the cold season.

Winterwaldzauber in Oberhof

Winter paradise

Winter holiday in the Thuringian Forest

In love with snow

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Switch off and unwind in the Thuringian Forest

Pure relaxation in the Thuringian Forest? Of course you can! Why not take advantage of the numerous wellness offers in the holiday areas in the south of Thuringia or let your soul dangle during excursions to the unique sights. Take long walks through the Rennsteig Garden in Oberhof or marvel at Wartburg Castle in Eisenach. And after a long day, you can relax in the wellness areas. The Thuringian Forest is as versatile as its nature.

The Thuringian Forest within easy reach

Ideal transport links mean you can reach your destination in the Thuringian Forest quickly from anywhere in Germany. The "Thuringian Forest Motorway" A71 takes you quickly from Erfurt and Schweinfurt to the low mountain range. Railways also run parallel to the road. You can travel comfortably to your holiday destination via the long-distance hubs in Erfurt and Würzburg. There is unlikely to be any travel stress.

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