Jens "Fibs" Filbrich

Born: 13.03.1979


Jens Filbrich


I ended my sporting career on 8.3.2014 with the 50 km race at the legendary Holmenkollen. 


Currently (2022) I am working as a coach in the biathlon in functions at the DSV and at the Oberhof base.

Greatest successes

2001 World Championship bronze relay, Lahti
2002 Olympic bronze relay, Salt Lake City
2003 World Championship Silver Relay, Val die Fiemme
2005 World Championship Silver Relay, Oberstdorf
2005 World Championship Silver Team Sprint, Oberstdorf
2006 Olympic Silver Relay, Turin
2007 World Championship bronze 50 km, Sapporo
2009 World Championship Silver Relay, Liberec
2011 World Championship bronze relay, Oslo


The family is the home of the heart. (Giuseppe Mazzini)
 It includes my wife Janet, with our children Jada and Lennox, 
my parents Sigrun and Wolfgang and my brother Raik.


 Take big steps, one after the other, really fast ;) For my sport of cross-country skiing, a really good mix ...   ;)

Your Oberhof

I am a "true" Oberhofer. Oberhof is my hometown. 
I grew up here and have spent my entire life here.


What was your sporting career like?

- first time on skis at the age of 3;

- joined the training centre Oberhof at the age of 7 (2nd grade);

- from the age of 13 (sports high school Oberhof) almost full-time cross-country skier;

- passed through all squads of the DSV (D/C-;C-;B-;A-squad);

- since 1997 Bundeswehr sports support group Oberhof, professional cross-country skier

- end of career on 08. 03.2014 50 km cl mass start at the legendary Holmenkollen

- since 16.10.2017 Diploma Trainer of the DOSB

- since 27.02.2018 B.A. Sports Science


Who is your role model?

My parents.

What was the most emotional moment of your sporting career?

Winning the bronze medal in the 50 km race at the World Championships in Sapporo. I won this medal in the last race of the World Championships after having finished 4th twice before.

What was the biggest sporting disappointment for you?

In my career I was allowed to start the German relay team 45 times. Always with success and never with a fall. Except for the last relay in my career.... At my 4th Olympic Games in Sochi, I fell as the starting skater through no fault of my own. We were hopelessly behind from the beginning and didn't play any role in the fight for the medals.

What are your goals for the future?

Private: A happy life with my family. Professional: To lead young cross-country skiers to the top of the world.

... because it is the best winter sports centre in the world.
Jens Filbrich likes Oberhof

Avenue of Olympic & World Champions

in Oberhof 

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