Manuela "Manu" Henkel

Born: 04.12.1974


Manuela "Manu" Henkel


The Wasalauf 2010 was my last and also the longest race of my career. Now (2018) I have a demanding but regular office job and spend as much time as possible with my small family. I ended my sporting career on 8.3.2014 with the 50 km race at the legendary Holmenkollen. 


Currently (2022) I am working as a biathlon coach in functions at the DSV and at the Oberhof base.

Greatest successes

2003 World Champion Relay, Val di Fiemme
2002 Olympic Gold Relay, Salt Lake City


My family is small but nice and not only there for me, when I need them.


Everything will be all right in the end. And if it's not good, it's not the end!

Your Oberhof

Oberhof was the centre of my life for 30 years. As a competitive athlete, there were no better training conditions for me anywhere. Later, the most beautiful running and cross-country skiing circuits were here to train off. And today Oberhof is home to many of my friends, whom I always enjoy visiting.


What was your sporting career like?

1981 first cross-country competition Kindergarten Championships of the (Land)Kreis Ilmenau1991 - 1989 passed through the support system of the GDR1987 (at the age of 12) Kinder- und Jugendsportschule Oberhof1991 member of the German Junior National Team

12/1994 first World Cup appearance 

1995 first World Championship (Thunder Bay/CAN)

until 2009 participation in 8 World Championships, 3 Olympic Games (Nagano, Salt Lake City, Torino)

About 200 starts at World Cup events

Greatest successes

2002 Olympic victory with the relay 

2003 World Championship title with the relay 

2001-2006 9 podium finishes individual

Special distances: sprint and marathon

Career end 2010

07.03.2010 longest and last race of career: Wasalauf/Sweden 90 km


Who is your role model?

I had and have no role models per se. I admire certain skills, individual characteristics or the approach to certain things in other people. I like to be inspired by them.

What was the most emotional moment of your sporting career?

The award ceremony for the Olympic victory in Salt Lake City in 2002.

What was the biggest sporting disappointment for you?

With a little distance, there was none.

What are your goals for the future?

To face life with joy and show my son my home country and the big wide world.

... because it is the home of many friends whom she likes to visit again and again.
Manuela Henkel likes Oberhof

Avenue of Olympic & World Champions

in Oberhof 

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