Veronika "Schwarze" Hesse

Born: 24.08.1952


Veronika "Schwarze" Hesse


I ended my sporting career in 1982 after the World Championships in Oslo to look after my son. 


Today I am a restless pensioner.

Greatest successes

1974 World Championship silver with the relay team, Falun
1976 Olympic Bronze, Relay, Innsbruck
1980 Olympic Gold, Relay, Lake Placid
1980 World Championship Gold over 20 km, Falun
1982 World Cup bronze, relay, Oslo


divorced, 2 children, 4 grandchildren


"Early in the morning the bird catches the worm." 
"Only the tough get into the garden."

Your Oberhof

Oberhof was my second home, the training facilities at Grenzadler on "the plate".


What was your sporting career like?

1968 I learned cross-country skiing in the SC "Harz" Hasselfelde

1971 GDR Youth Cross Champion

1971 change to Thuringia to the SC "Motor" Zella-Mehlis

since 1972 member of the national team of the GDR until 1982


Who is your role model?

My role models were Gerhard Grimmer, Galina Kulakowa and Gunhild Hoffmeister (athletics).

What was the most emotional moment of your sporting career?

Winning the Olympics and the world championship, the award ceremony and the national anthem.

What was the biggest sporting disappointment for you?

The 1978 World Championships in Lahti, Finland. I had health problems then.

... because I found the best training conditions for my sporting career there.
Veronika Hesse likes Oberhof

Avenue of Olympic & World Champions

in Oberhof 

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