Hans Rinn

Geboren: 19.03.1953


Hans Rinn


 Competitive luge: 1967-1983,
then mechanic for luge at ASK Oberhof,

since 1990 self-employed, founder of the company Hans Rinn e.K., with focus on plastics processing

Greatest successes

1976 Olympic gold in the doubles, Innsbruck
1976 Olympic bronze in the single-seater, Innsbruck
1980 Olympic gold in the doubles, Lake Placid
4 x World Champion
7 x European Champion
13 x GDR Champion


married since 1984
one son, Toni
one daughter, Hanni


Always stay active, mentally as well as physically, for as long as you can!

Your Oberhof

Since I spent my entire youth in Oberhof, Oberhof is a formative place in my life.


What was your sporting career like?

  • 1964 Start of my career as a luger with the BSG "Empor" Ilmenau
  • 1966 First breakthrough success, Pioneer Cup winner in Oberhof, Wadeberg bobsleigh track
  • 1967 Children and youth sports school in Zella-Mehlis
  • 1971 NVA support squad in ASK Oberhof and first international successes
  • 1973 to 1983 active with the seniors in single and double seater with the successes:
  • 2 x Olympic champion
  • 1 x bronze
  • 4 x world champion
  • 7 x European Champion
  • 13 x GDR champion

Who are your role models?

In sport in general: Täve Schur

as a luger: Wolfram Fiedler, I was able to measure myself against him, unfortunately he passed away far too early. 

What was the most emotional moment of your sporting career?

The repeated victory at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid in the double-seater.

What was the biggest sporting disappointment for you?

Missing out on gold medals at the 1975 and 1980 Winter Olympics in the single-seater.

What are your goals for the future?

To get through old age in good health, to develop the creative and creative part of me.

... because Oberhof shaped my youth and thus my entire life, and as a winter sports resort it represents Thuringia to the world.
Hans Rinn likes Oberhof

Avenue of Olympic & World Champions

in Oberhof 

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